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Soft Washing: Is It Right for Your Property?

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Soft washing was originally developed as a means of pest control. A gentle spray put chemical pesticides on roofs and siding of homes and commercial buildings. This system worked although the chemicals used in the process were often harsh. Bleach was mixed with water to remove fungus, bacteria, mold, mildew and algae from buildings.

Soft Washing Today

The soft washing process used today usually includes a variety of solutions sprayed at low pressure to remove algae, mold, and mildew from a building’s exterior. A special low-pressure spray nozzle is used to apply the chemical treatment. This treatment does not harm roof shingles or siding while it inhibits the return of the micro-organisms.

Removing Stains

You may see black mold stains on the shady side of your home. Green slime can also grow in Florida’s damp climate. Fungus usually grows on wet wood such as shady fences, under roofs and wood decking, leading to wood rot. Soft washing with the right solution will remove these organisms and inhibit their return.

Soft washing will not harm painted or stained surfaces. It can be used on fences and pool decks that have algae build-up. Soft washing is often used on outdoor steps in shady areas where mold can start in corners and spread across the surface areas not touched by shoes.

Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing

Pressure washing will blast away surface stains, but will not kill the mold spores. The soft wash process applies the solution, it does not remove the stains. The stains dissolve as the solution goes to work on the surface to destroy the infestation of algae and mold. Then the solution is rinsed away. The solution works on tile and composite shingle roofs along with siding and walkways. Pressure washing and soft washing both have their appropriate uses and a professional pressure washing company will know which application is best for your property.

The soft washing process can work to keep commercial buildings, including apartment communities, free of these organisms that grow in humid weather. This process can be used anytime, especially after heavy rains, to prevent the growth of mold and other pathogens.

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