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When Should I Schedule My New Paver Sealing?

When should I schedule my new paver sealing?

When Should I Schedule My New Paver Sealing?

Aesthetics is the secondary reason why you need to seal your new pavers. The most important reasons you need to seal your pavers when they’re newly installed are to preserve the color and protect the surface from deteriorating. But when is the best time for new paver sealing in Brevard County, FL?

Why You Should Seal your New Pavers in Brevard County, FL

While the aesthetics of your pavers seem to be most people’s reasons for sealing, there are more important reasons for sealing your pavers. Paver Sealing inhibits the growth of weeds, grass, and moss, while also preventing the loss of sand between the pavers. It makes routine cleaning of your paver patio, pool deck, or driveway much easier and creates less mess from flying sand and weeds. It also prevents insects, like fire ants from building nests in the sand between and under pavers.

When you pressure wash your pavers and then seal them, it also enhances the color, texture, and brightness, while greatly reducing paver loosening and cracks, assuring long-lasting beauty and value of your home. This is especially true for those living in Brevard County, FL, since the strong sunshine tends to bleach and washout colors from stones over time. Sealing the pavers acts as a sunscreen of sorts for your new pavers.

Can I Wait to Seal My New Pavers?

It’s best to seal your pavers within 60 days of laying new pavers. This allows time for the sand to settle but eliminates the risk of mold and mildew. If you wait to seal your new pavers you risk mold growth. When that happens, your pavers will need to have a high heat steam treatment done before sealing. High heat steam is the only effective way of killing mold. Harsh chemicals like bleach and chlorine only kill the leaves of mold, but not the spores that allow mold to grow back. 

Seal for the right reasons. Sure, you may prefer the wet seal look for your pavers and opt for sealing. However, many are choosing not to seal their pavers because they don’t want them to look glossy. You still need to protect them. Instead, opt to use a natural-looking sealer, which will keep a more muted look on your pavers while still keeping them protected and looking great for a long time.

What Happens if I Leave My New Pavers Unsealed?

Another reason the best time to seal your new pavers as soon as they are installed is to prevent stains. Left unsealed, you’ll quickly notice stains from your grill, scuff marks from patio furniture and foot traffic, as well as sun fading. Not to mention unsealed pavers over time will lose their color due to exposure to UV and erosion.

In Brevard County, FL contact Pressure Washing by Mike Schwab for your pressure washing and paver sealing needs. If you have waited to seal your new pavers, make sure to have them professionally steam washed before sealing them. We offer free estimates. Call us today to schedule your appointment.