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Protect Your Home Exterior with Annual Pressure Washing

Protect Your Home Exterior


House exteriors are very important and need a professional pressure wash once a year to ensure good airflow through soffits and maintain the longevity of your paint job. It’s unavoidable that your home’s exterior will collect pollutants surrounding it, but you can reduce your maintenance costs with an annual pressure washing.

Did you know:

  •         Many homes that look like they need a fresh coat of paint don’t.
  •         Pressure washing helps keep your soffits functioning correctly.
  •         Annual pressure washing will extend the life of your home exterior paint job.

Learn more about how to protect your home exterior with annual pressure washing:

Pressure Washing Removes Build-Up

In the course of a year, your Brevard County, FL home collects a lot of mold, mildew, dust and other air and surface pollutants. As the layers stick to each other, your home exterior will take on a dull and dirty look. Some homeowners don’t realize it’s possible to pressure wash this build-up away and instead assume they need a new paint job.

Build-up will also attach to your home’s soffits. One of the most important functions of your soffits is to help your house breathe. The other is to protect your rafters from weather-related complications such as mold and mildew attaching to the wooden beams causing it to rot. A thick layer of surface pollutants on your soffits can reduce airflow and possibly damage your home.

Extend the Life of Your New or Current Exterior Paint

Not only is yearly pollutant build-up visually unappealing to your current home exterior, but if you don’t remove pollutants routinely they can embed in your paint and make it more difficult to remove the grime. Additionally, the longer pollutants stick around, the more opportunity they have to break down the paint causing it to peel. Annual pressure washing will help extend the life of your home’s paint job and increase your curb appeal.  

Pressure Wash Before You Paint

Whether it’s time to update the color or your home exterior needs a fresh coat of paint you will extend the life of your new paint job by pressure washing away grime and mold before you apply paint or stain.

New paint will have a harder time sticking to the exterior surface if you don’t complete a proper cleaning first. You will quickly know when this step is skipped because the paint will peel off in large chunks or flake up shortly after completing the project.

Call a Professional

It might be tempting to protect your home exterior by doing a DIY pressure wash. We suggest you resist and call a professional to complete your annual pressure washing. Not all pressure washing equipment is the same nor are the tools included with different machines. It can be hard to control PSI and water flow, especially when it is your first time using a machine. If the pressure is too high, it can damage the paint on your exterior causing it to chip or crack. A professional knows the correct pressure to use and also understands which tools are best for tricky angles and corners of your home.

To schedule your annual pressure washing, contact Pressure Washing by Mike. We are licensed and insured and have worked since 2008 to expertly clean the exterior of Central, FL homes and commercial buildings. We understand how important it is to protect your home exterior properly. Give us a call and let’s get your free estimate scheduled.