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Prevent Erosion: Seal Your Paver Joints

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Decorative landscape pavers create practical, attractive outdoor spaces with multiple purposes. Many homeowners invest time and money in pressure washing their pavers to keep them clean and debris free, but they might not consider the added benefit of applying the coating to newly installed or freshly pressure-washed paver surfaces. Sealing your pavers and paver joints improves the structural integrity and attractiveness of your paver surfaces.

Why Seal Your Paver Joints?

After a professional pressure washer cleans your pavers, you need to add fresh joint sand. You cannot use regular sand because it doesn’t have the same level of necessary protection or the correct ratio of fractured angular sand to mesh.

Sand that is too fine may not give your paver joint the needed stability. Coarse pavers cannot be used for walkways because they won’t hold up well against foot traffic.

Paver Sealant Prevents Damage

Paver surfaces experience damage from human use, animals, and natural elements. Sealing paver joints stabilizes the joints by solidifying the joint sand used between the pavers to lock them in place before regular use. The hardened top layer resists weed and moss growth, insect colonization, and erosion of essential joint sand. The sealer also makes cleaning spills and natural stains from animal droppings, dirt, mold, and mildew easier. It protects your investment by lengthening the life of your pavers indefinitely, preventing the need for costly and labor-intensive paver replacement.

The sealant also inhibits or stops weed growth between pavers providing a cleaner look around your pool deck or driveway.

Paver Sealant: Practical and Attractive

Many pavers can last the lifetime of a property if they are carefully maintained. However, if they are left unprotected, nature and general use can leave lasting stains or cause fading that detracts from the visual beauty of your investment.

Just like with siding and other outdoor surfaces, UV rays from the sun can cause the colored pigments in the pavers to slowly fade or degrade over time. Paver sealer helps prevent fading and can often work like wood varnish by bringing out the natural colors in pavers and creating greater visual interest. Sealed joints are less likely to grow weeds and become home to insects, which is both unattractive and potentially damaging to the entire surface.

Prepare Your Surfaces for Sealant

Before you start the process, ensure that the surface will remain dry for 24 hours and will not be needed for any use for at least 48 hours. This means turning off your sprinkler systems, moving your car out of the garage and keeping it off of the driveway, and not walking on the surface for at least four hours after cleaning and sealing are complete.

Once you’ve cleared the surface, prepare it like you would for pressure washing. Clean the surface by removing debris and stains, sweeping with a good broom but being careful to avoid removing sand from between the paver joints. Pull any weeds growing between the pavers to prevent additional growth. Apply the sealer with a low-pressure sprayer, covering the entire surface and direct material into the joints using a squeegee. Once you are finished, wait for it to dry fully before using the surface for any purpose.

Maintenance: a Regular Practice

Most experts say that sealers should be reapplied every 3-5 years, but make sure you check with your landscape contractor or home improvement store if you completed the project yourself. Also, ask an expert for advice on the best sealer for pavers. Concrete paver patios, walkways, and brick driveways are a common and attractive part of many landscapes in Brevard County. They are typically low maintenance but still require regular care and inspection to keep them structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. If you are unsure that you can do quality, lasting work, don’t be afraid to hire a professional to do the job for you.

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