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Is Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Really the Best Choice?

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Spring is in the air and this time of year and it’s time to wash away the winter grime. It’s important not to ignore your roof when cleaning your home. But how do you safely clean your roof without damaging it or negating a roof warranty? The answer is safe non-pressure roof cleaning.

Your roofing materials are different than other areas of your home and must be treated with care. While the best way to wash your concrete pool deck may always be pressure washing, it is not automatically the safest choice for your roof.

Pressure washing your asphalt roof will harm your shingles, its underlayment, and plywood. You’ll end up replacing your roof system sooner, rather than later. Not only is this method damaging to shingles, but it’s also an ineffective way to remove organisms that cause roof stains. High-pressure power washing leaves root systems behind, allowing the algae to return quickly.

Conversely, non-pressure roof cleaning is much safer for your roof shingles and more effective, too!

The Benefits of Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Include:

  • State of the art cleaning products
  • Protection of the integrity of the roof shingles
  • Quick removal of living organisms growing on roof tiles
  • Protection of surrounding landscaping

Non-pressure roof cleaning involves using high-grade products that are safe for all roofing materials. Our state of the art solution will clean and restore your residential and commercial roofing surfaces. Typically a low-pressure rinsing system is used, avoiding the use of damaging high-pressure scrubbing or brushing.

Using non-pressure roof cleaning you often will see results instantly. The living organisms that cause roof stains, like algae, lichens, and moss are completely gone before our contractor leaves the property.

Technicians use safe roof cleaning products, and equipment designed precisely for safe, gentle, non-pressure roof cleaning; preserving the integrity of the shingles, without damaging any vegetation or landscaping.

To schedule your safe, non-pressure roof cleaning in Brevard County, FL contact Pressure Washing by Mike Schwab. Our licensed contractors will use state of the art equipment to make sure your home is cleaned thoroughly and safely. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your free estimate.