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Clean Your Roof Without Damaging Shingles with Non-Pressure Cleaning

Clean your roof with out damaging shingles

If you Google how to clean your roof with pressure washing, you’ll find some bad advice out there. The truth is you can damage your roof without proper cleaning tools and techniques. Cleaning your roof, in Melbourne Florida, is best left to the professionals for both your safety and your roof’s safety because a different roof cleaning method and wash is necessary for a shingle roof’s composition. At Pressure Washing by Mike Schwab we use the safest method to clean your roof ensuring we protect your singles with non-pressure cleaning.

Why Your Shingles Need to be Cleaned

Bitumen and asphalt shingles have a textured, sandy finish. Homeowners like these types of shingles because they have a long lifespan due to their texture and they come in different styles and colors. The rough texture on these shingles gives dirt, grime, moss, mold, and algae space to take root and grow. 

If not cleaned consistently, moss and algae damage the surface of shingles and lead to fungus growth and wood rot in the roof supports. If your roof has shady spots or you live in higher humidity, like Florida, moss and algae grow more quickly, so more frequent cleaning is required to avoid replacing your roof shingles more often than necessary.

Safest Cleaning Method for Your Shingle Roof

Because of the composition and texture of shingle roof tiles, they need to be carefully washed with a non-corrosive cleaner. These types of cleaners do not harm the surface of the tiles nor the underlayment. 

Non-pressure chemical cleaning is the safest way to clean the roof and ensure no damage to the texture or integrity of the shingles. Too much pressure washes away the surface granules of the shingles and leaves damage to your roof.

Non-pressure washing takes longer and does require some professional tools. It’s great to be able to handle as much of your house upkeep yourself, however, the best way to prevent damage to your roof shingles is by hiring a licensed professional to clean your roof without damaging shingles with a non-pressure cleaning.

If your shingle roof is in need of some TLC make sure to call the professionals who know the safest way to clean your roof, without damaging it.  Contact Pressure Washing by Mike Schwab for a free estimate.