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Best Roof Cleaning Methods

Best Roof Cleaning Methods

Is there really a “best” way to clean your roof? Contractors may offer different opinions, however, the fact is if a cleaning method harms your shingles or fails to clean your roof it’s not the best method, nor is it even a worthwhile investment. 

Roof Cleaning Method #1: Debris Removal

The humid weather on Florida’s Space Coast causes roofs to develop mildew and mold growth. You can remove debris quickly using a rented machine or even by scrubbing a small area by hand. You will likely see an instant difference in the condition of the roof. Cosmetically you’ll improve your curb appeal and remove the debris build up on your roof.

While this method is quick and relatively easy, it doesn’t usually remove the underlying problem, organisms remain on the roof and will continue to grow and return. This method also will not remove ugly algae stains or streaks if they have grown deep into the shingles. One other caution, when you rent a machine it’s more difficult to set the correct psi. High-power washing of your roof can damage your roof shingles

Roof Cleaning Method #2: Low-Pressure Washing Using a Cleaner Mix

There is a big difference between High-Pressure and Low-Pressure Washing. It’s also ineffective at removing living organisms from your roof. It is these organisms, such as algae, that cause roof stain damage. A stream of water used to clean your roof should be soft enough that your hand can go in front of the stream of water. If this can not be done, the pressure is too great and you could damage your roof.

The best roof cleaning method is low-pressure washing using a safe and effective cleaner that kills both the organisms and the roots they leave behind. This combination is recommended by the shingle manufacturers, which also makes it the safest method for your roof. 

Low-pressure washing is effective to remove stains from debris build up and organisms on your roof. At the same time, it’s gentle enough to avoid damaging your roof shingles. Contractors that use this method choose the most effective techniques and efficient processes to leave your property fresh and clean. 

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