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Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Commercial Property

commercial pressure washing

A commercial property with a well-maintained exterior helps attract customers. Whether your property is a business building, a strip mall, or an apartment community, dirty buildings, and parking areas often turn people away. Commercial pressure washing services eliminate dirt and grime from buildings, awnings, sidewalks, and parking lots. The benefits of regular pressure washing on your commercial property include a clean appearance as well as increased safety for your customers.


You may think that with enough rain you can avoid pressure washing, but rain does not wash buildings. Rain can leave streaks of dirt and grime on all types of surfaces. A pressure washer has special settings for wood, stone, stucco, brick, and other surfaces. It cleans off all of the streaked, caked dirt and extra layers, such as chewing gum. The pressure wash also removes algae and mold growing on the outside of buildings after heavy rains. Paint and varnish are not affected by pressure washing when you use the proper equipment. The washing will actually bring out the colors of the surface.

Wood, brick, and stone fences also benefit from a pressure wash by removing streaks and stains, along with mold and algae.

Many buildings have awnings that collect dirt in addition to rainwater and bird debris. A careful soft pressure wash removes stains from hard surface awnings.

Patios, Driveways, and Parking Lots

Many restaurants offer outside dining under a covered area. The pavement or deck must be kept as clean as the floor inside a restaurant. Pressure washing keeps patio areas clean and removes stains from spills.

Additionally, a clean parking lot is very important for safety. People can slip and fall on an oily surface or stick and trip in a pavement area with spilled drinks and food. Sweet drinks and food left on the ground attracts insects and rodents. Drive-through restaurants and buildings with take-out food should consistently have the parking area thoroughly cleaned with a strong pressure wash.

Schedule Regular Pressure Washing for Your Commercial Property

Commercial property pressure washing includes public sidewalks, entrances to buildings, and paved driveways along with parking lots around buildings. Driveways into commercial buildings, including apartment communities, often have oil, dirt, and debris from tires. The pavement of multi-level parking garages also needs to have dirt and oil removed for the safety of both pedestrians and drivers.

Walkways and steps leading into a building need to be clean for both safety and appearance. This is often necessary after a rainstorm has left mud puddles and debris.

Whether your building exterior needs a full facelift or spot cleaning, it’s best to have a maintenance schedule that includes professional cleaning.

Contact Pressure Washing by Mike Schwab in Brevard County for a free estimate on commercial property pressure washing services that keep your building and grounds clean and safe. We understand the importance of maintaining the appearance of your commercial property, which is why we use professional-grade equipment for all our jobs regardless of size. Contact us to learn more.


This article was originally published on September 27, 2018, but has been updated for accuracy and freshness.